Research Paper: Evidence Suggests CBD May Help People Quit Smoking

Approximately 50 million people in America smoke or use nicotine products. Smoking and the use of nicotine can be a very difficult habit to quit. Although it isn’t easy, quitting the use of nicotine products can lead you to a healthier lifestyle. Research suggests that CBD could be useful in treating nicotine addiction.  

Smoking is a daily habit for most cigarette smokers. It is common for people to develop routines where they smoke at specific intervals of the day. This established routine can add to the difficulty of quitting.

Cigarette smokers are known for trying to replace cigarettes with other things. Many smokers have tried exercising and other activities as a replacement to cigarettes when they get the urge to smoke. This is because your mind and body are accustomed to the act of smoking, so when you try to quit the body and mind will tell you that you need to smoke.

Cannabidiol (CBD), the non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis, may have a novel application in nicotine withdrawal9. Thus far, CBD has been shown to reduce craving in both pre-clinical and clinical models of heroin addiction10,11. Furthermore, it may have a specific utility in cigarette smoking.

Morgan, et al.12 found that a single week of ad-hoc CBD via inhaler, compared to placebo, reduced cigarette smoking by almost 40%, however craving was unaffected. Hindocha et al.9 found that 800 mg oral CBD, in comparison to placebo, reversed attentional bias away cigarette cues, and reduced explicit liking of cigarette stimuli but this also occured in the absence of changes in withdrawal and craving.

Here’s the Research Paper from Scientific Reports …


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